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We are pleased to announce that mini-DebConf Curitiba 2016 will be held at Aldeia Coworking, a 2-story building located near the center of Curitiba

Aldeia Coworking


Aldeia Coworking is located in 381, Candido de Abreu Ave, in the neighborhood Centro Civico

How to get there

Aldeia Coworking is two blocks from Shopping Mueller, so this is the main point of reference fo those who go by bus.

From airport, there are two buses:

Airport bus itineraries (get off at Prefeitura tube Station)

Rooms and spaces

All spaces are on the first and second floors.

Aldeia Coworking Auditório
Aldeia Coworking Sala 1
Aldeia Coworking Sala 2
Aldeia Coworking Cozinha